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We are a friendly, diverse and active camera club. We challenge, inspire and help all our members to improve their photographic skills through our structured, relevant and enjoyable, annual programme of activities.

News and Updates


Christmas Challenge - Extra Information.
Kevin has added some more information for those having difficulty downloading the images forming the basis of the challenge. Find it here.

John Cambell - 2017 Print Champion.
The Champion Print Photographer for 2017 goes to a worthy winner JOHN CAMPBELL. His total of 154 points included four scores of 20 – that’s excellent photography. He was run close by Paul Branchflower and Dennis Russ – both these members in their first full year competing at our club. Congratulations to all.

Newsline - December 12th, 2017.

Carole has produced another Newsline, which as well as the usual information on upcoming club events has notices contributed by members. Certainly worth a look. Find it here..

An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

December Print Competition

BRIAN BALLARD - Red Star Burst.  

Brian Ballard was the sole victor in this months print competion. The competition with the theme "Fire or Fireworks" was judged by Harry Gardiner. Thank you Harry. All the winners can be seen here.

ADOBE DNG Converter. For those of you who've bought a new camera, but found they cannot read their new camera's raw files, Adobe has a programme which will convert your raw files into a format which can be read by older versions of Camera Raw or Lightroom. You can find it here.

GETTING THE BEST EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR NEEDS AND BUDGET. Paul Branchflower has produced another excellent article on purchasing equipment. This follows on from his previous article on software. You can find Paul's article here.

Newsline - December 4th, 2017.

Carole has produced another Newsline, with lot's of information and a For Sale. Find it here..

An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

Newsline - Black Friday Editionr 2017.

Paul Branchflower has produced a special "Black Friday" edition of Newsline. This specialo edition lists available image processing software. Whilst the offers wlill be gone soon, the information is sound for some time. Find it here. Thanks to Paul for producing this informative edition.

An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

Newsline - Mark Mumford, 24th November 2017.

The latest Newsline contains details of the Mark Mumford's visit on Friday, with details of change of venue- Morriston Golf Club. Find it here. Thanks yet again to Carole for putting out our newsletter.

An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

Ammendment to November PDI Results Page 2017. Unfortunately, John Cambell's image "Night Bus to Mont St Michel", which gained 18pts was left off the results page for the November 2017 PDI competition. Apologies to John. The updated page can be found here.

Morriston Camera Club Christmas Challenge.

We are all going to edit the same photograph to see how different photographers interpret an image. Actually we will give you a choice of 4 images, but everyone will be selecting from these 4 images. Each member can select one image to edit, or you can try all 4 if you want.

Full details and link to the images can be found here.

PDI Competition 2017.

The overall champion for 2017 in the PDI cometition is Paul Branchflower. Norman Sleep came a close second and Paul Dennis and Ian James were in joint third place. Congratulations to all, and thanks for showing us your excellent photography.

November PDI Competition

Keith Arkley - Robin   Clive John - Intercity Express

November 2017 PDI Competition. Keith Arkley and Clive John were the winners in the last PDI competition for 2017. The judge Ed Cloutman gave us an informative evening, and his summary at the end was particularly appreciated. Thanks Ed. All the winners can be seen here.


Carole's latest Newsline contains details of the THE BILL STEPHENS MEMORIAL TROPHY and the upcoming AGM, as well as details of next year's three day trip to Exemoor. Find it here.

An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

Carole Evans AWPF.

Congratulations to Carole Evans on gaining her AWPF . How Carole managed to find the time whilst organising our programme and producing "Newsline" (as well as doing a lot more behind the scenes) is beyond me. Well done, and a big thanks from the club for all the rest you do.

November Print Competition

PAUL BRANCHFLOWER - Beached by the Ben   IAN JAMES - Sunset at the Beach

November 2017 Print Competition.. Paul Branchflower and Ian James were the joint winners in November's Print competition. The judge was Roy Thomas and all the winners can be seen here.

Mannheim Plate.

On Friday, we hosted the Mannheim Plate battle with Abertawe C.C., Swansea P.S and Trostre & Velindre C.C. We came a creditable second, but our buffet set a record which will stand for a good few years! Full report here.

Newsline - Mannheim Plate and AGM.

Carole's latest Newsline contains updated details on the Mannheim Plate Print Competition and the upcoming AGM. Find it here.

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Member's Galleries. Alan Cosker has updated his gallery his gallery. The index to all the galleries can be found here.

If any Member wants to create or update their Gallery, please contact the webmaster.


October 2017 Print Competition.Congratulations to John Campbell for his success in this month's competition. The competition on the theme "Doors, doorways and gateways" was judged by Kevin Thomas. The top entries can be seen here.

Paul Branchflower - Circle of Life  

September 2017 PDI Competition. Paul Branchflower was a worthy winner in the September 2017 PDI Competition. Mike Clatworthy claimed second place with John Campbell, Norman Sleep and Stephen Bevan gaining joint third. The judge was Andy Leslie who gave us an informative evening with 60 images to comment on. The top entries can be seen here.

Neath 5 Way Battle.
A 5-way battle with Aberdare, Bridgend, Neath, Pyle & Porthcawl and Morriston and held at Neath. Judging this competition was Jennifer Cox from Cardiff. Unfortunately, we came last. See here a full report.

Bill Stephens Memorial Trophy.

The Judge for the event will be Rob Mitchell. Further news in the Newsline Extra!

Paul Branchflower, our External Competitions Secretary, is requesting PDI’s from all members who wish to participate in the selection process for this themed competition. The deadline for PDI submissions to Paul is 6 October.

Full details in our latest Newsline Extra

Member's Galleries. Paul Branchflower has add his gallery and Carl Monger has updated his. Please look.

If any Member wants to create or update their Gallery, please contact the webmaster.

Three Castles Challenge 2017

During August we held our first Photographic Treasure Hunt.

23 members took part in 7 vehicles, giving us 7 teams for our competition evening on our return to club on September 1st.

The Treasure Hunt and subsequent judging proved very successful. Here are images from the day.

Well done to the 3Plus1 team who took the honours.

Competitions 2018

Next years competition details have been published and available on our website. Details here.

Please note the judge for the PDI Competion on the 29th September will be Andy Leslie from Landybie.


Newsline. The latest Newsline has just been published with details of the changes to the programme for September to December:

As always we are gratefull to Carole for her hard work. Thanks Carole. An index of all Newsline/Newsline Extra can be seen here.

The online programme has been updated and can be seen here

Member's Galleries. Howard Evans has added his successful AWPF panel to the gallery and Paul Dennis has updated his gallery. Both are well worth a look.

If any Member wants to create or update their Gallery, please contact the webmaster.

Website of the month for December 2017. Following Paul Branchflower's excellent article on choosing a camera, here is where you can find refurbished Fujifilm cameras.

Site of the month is provided by member Paul Dennis.

There is an archive of past Websites of the Month here.

Any member with news they whould like to see in this section, please email Paul


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Morriston 'Then & Now'

'Morriston of Yesteryear' and the 'Morriston Forum' now ready and waiting for your comments

Morriston Camera Club are grateful to the Arts Council of Wales for the Lottery Fund Grant awarded to the Club

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Next Competitions

Print - Theme "Open". Hand in by January 19th, 2018. Judged by Gareth Martin on February 2nd, 2018.

PDI - Theme "Open", hand in by midnight, February 2nd,2018. Judged by Roy Thomas on February 16th, 2018.Please send entries to pdientries@
and no other e-mail address should be used.
See guidelines and aide-memoire below

2018 Competitions

Submission Guidelines

NOTE: for complete rules see here.

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Projected Digital Images.

An aide-memoire which covers the rules, image sizes and how to resize your images along with instructions on how to name your files can be found here.
It is your responsibility to ensure that the criteria in this document are met, if not your image may be rejected.

A guide to resizing your images can be found here. (PDF Format)