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We are a friendly, diverse and active camera club. We challenge, inspire and help all our members to improve their photographic skills through our structured, relevant and enjoyable, annual programme of activities. If you wish to join, please contact


News and Updates


2021 Programme.

Our 2021 programme has now been released.

It can be viewed at our 2021 programme page.

Club meetings in the crypt are cancelled until further notice. We are now running a full programme for members on line.

**These are private meetings, and members should have recieved logon details.**


Change of Programme

  • The tutorial on 26th March will includes creating a collage in software instead of Flash tequniques.
  • 16th April - Hand in for the Scavanger Hunt
  • 30th April - Mike Clatworthy - "Before & After (how I cheat in photoshop)"
  • Friday 4th June - Guest Speaker Roger Hance - "New Images 2020 - Why I Switched"
  • 11th June - Hand in for "Show your pictures"
  • 2nd July - "Show us your pictiures"

Tutorials shown on March 26th.

The tutorials shown by Mike Clatworthy on High and Low key, and Kevin Walters onCreating Collages in Photoshop and Lightroom can be found here.

New Tutotrial using Word's Picture Format

Club member Sarah Drew has provided us with tutorials featuring Word' Picture Format. These are well woth looking at for fresh ideas.

They can be found here.

March 2021 Print Competition


Dennis Russ and Sarah Drew both scored twenty points in this months print competition, with the judge, Andy Leslie declaring Dennis as the overall winner. As usual, the winners and all the top scorers can be found here.

February 2021 PDI Competition


Gerald Davies again was the winner of the first round of this year's PDI Competition. The "Open" Competition was well judged by Ralf Snook. As usual, the winner and all the top scorers can be found here.


February 2021 Print Competition


Gerald Davies got off to a flying start in this years compettition with his image "Crybin". The competition on an Open theme was judged via Zoom by Susan Ashford, her first judging for our club. By the members response, it hopefully won't be her last. As usual, the winner and all the top scorers can be found here.


Change of Programme

On the 12th February we will now have the Pantomime, presentation of Awards for 2020 and Gerald Davies will show his "2020 in Photographs"

On the 26th February, Gary Shinner's talk will be "Northern Lights (Did we see them?"

Gerald's talk on Friday Evening

Here's a list of photographers and links I promised in my talk. Have a look at them and enjoy, but look for other photographers work  that inspire you.

Photographer – Lindsay Adler
Website -

Photographer – Adam Gibbs
You Tube -
Website -

Photographer – Bruce Percy   
Website -

Photographer – Fan Ho
Website -

Photographer – Adrian Villa  (AOWS) 
Youtube Channel –   
Website -

List of Photographers to look up on the internet
Michael Kenna
Sue Bryce
Ansel Adams
Dorothea Lang
Robert Capa
David Bailey
Martin Parr
Don McCullin
Steve McCurry

Links to YouTube

13 Creative Exercises

The Power of Imagination - "The Bedroom"

Print Competition 2020 Congratulations to PAUL ARNOLD for winning our Club Championship for 'Prints' in 2020. Its great to have a new club champion in this difficult and unusual year. His score of 149 points was closely followed by last year's winner, Paul Dennis on 147 points. In third place was Gordon Relf on 141 points. Well done to all.

December 2020 Print Competition - Butterflies and /or Bees


Gordon Relf won the last print competition of 2020 - Butterflies and / or Bees.Ian ledgard was the judge who gave us an informative evening on Zoom. The winner and all the top scorers can be found here.

Constitution and Rules Changes to the Constitution, together with our Data Protection Policy and Use of Social Media Policy as agreed at our 2020 AGM can be seen here. There is also a link to our internal competition rules.

PDI Competition 2020 Gerald Davies' win in the November PDI competion made him the overall winner of the whole competition. Well done Gerald, a worthy winner by scoring 20 points in all four rounds. Gordon Relf was the runner up on 71 points with Paul Dennis and Clive Edwards sharing third with 70 points.

November 2020 PDI Competition - In the Sky


Gerald Davies gained the twenty points with his stunning image of "Milky Way over Three Cliffs". Thank you to Roy Thomas for his expert judging, and well done to all those who gained 18 points and over. Their images can be seen here.

Resizing images for PDI Competition We have uopdated the instructions for saving your images in a size for our PDI Competitions using Photoshop or Elements. You can find it here.

November 2020 Print Competition - Open


Rob Mitchell was the excellent judge for our November competition. Dennis Russ gained 20 points, while Kay Mills got 19 points and Paul Arnold 18 points. Well done all. As usual they can be seen here.


October 2020 Print Competition - Horizons


Three members shared the top spot in this month's print competition, Richard Walters, Paul Dennis and Paul Arnold. Congratulations to all three. The competition was judged via zoom by Gary Shinner, and his critique and marking were appreciated by all. As usual, all 15 of the 20, 19 and 18 point winners can be seen here.

Unfortunately we were unable to record the judging.

September 2020 PDI Competition - Open


The September PDI Competition was judges vis zoom by Leigh Woolford. Dennis Russ, Gerald Davies and Paul Dennis shared the top spots with some excellent images. As usual, all the winners can be seen here.

Unfortunately we were unable to record the judging.



June 2020 Print Competition

Last Friday Night we had our Monthly 'Print' Competition judged by Nick Jenkins and presented by our Secretary in his own inimitable way, which of course is very entertaining. The Open themed competition saw Mike Clatworthy with his specially manipulated Portrait of 'Bryn' taking the honours, A lovely 'End of the Day' Sunset and Sky shot from Paul Dennis. Also, making the podium we had Brian Ballard with a hungry butterfly, Kay Mills with a lovely shot of that viaduct up north 3 hours after the steam train had traversed it (but still a well taken shot) and also Brian Howell with a shot he is perfecting lately in 'Lockdown' conditions. As usual, all the winners can be seen here.

May 2020 PDI Competition

Gerald Davies was the victor with 20 points in May's PDI competion on the theme of "Religious". The competition judge, Brian Coleman gave us an excellent evening via our video link. As usual, all the winners can be seen here.


Friday 15th meeting

On Friday 15th we had a very successful meeting hosted and organised by our Social Sectreary, Allen Wilcox. Members were able to show their images which was very enjoyable and talk about them. Thank you Allen for an enjoyable evening.

Forthcoming meetings

The committee are busy planning our programme for the rest of 2020. A suggestion made was members could be given the opportunity to present some of their images. A member could present 20 images, which would be half an evening, or they could present 40 for a whole evening. Again two members could share the evening presenting 20 each. Also a member could have another interest, other then photography, which they wish to share with us. It's not a competition. Members presenting will talk about their images:- where they were taken and how they were taken. If your willing to present then send your names to by Tuesday 20th May 2020, The evening will be called "Showcase your Work". We need names soon so we can plan ahead.

Competitions 2021

The dates, themes and judges for the 2021 internal competitions can be found here. Good luck everyone.

May 2020 Print Competition


May saw our second online Print competition . The judge, Harry Gardiner supplied the marks and critiques which were read out by our secretary. We had three winners with twenty points - Paul Arnold, Kay Mills and Gerald Davies. As usual, all the winners can be seen here.

Important notice regarding the Print Competition

Until further notice, for the PRINT competition, members should submit their images as a PDI and conform to the rules regarding PDI entries. They should be sent to pdientries@
as usual.


Swansea Bay Challenge 2020

On Friday we virtually hosted the Swansea Bay Challenge 2020, a battle which involved Swansea, Port Talbot, Pyle and Porthcawl, Afan Nedd, Baglan Bay and Cymru Mono as well as ourselves.

On the evening we had 29 of our own members on-line, 6 people we could not identify and 30 visitors from other clubs. A total attendance of 65 people plus Brian Coleman who judged the competition. Members I am sure would like to know that Irene Akhideno managed to join us from Nigeria.

The final scores were -

  • Swansea - 108
  • Port Talbot - 103
  • Pyle and Porthcawl - 103
  • Morriston - 102
  • Afan Nedd - 99
  • Baglan Bay - 99
  • Cymru Mono - 98
  • Abertawe - 97

Thanks to Mike Clatworthy, Richard Walters, Kevin Walters and Brian Howell for providing us with a memorable night. Thanks also to our judge Brian Coleman who carried out his judging admirably.

April 2020 Print Competition


April saw our first online judging, where the images were judged as PDI's. Sarah Drew gained a well deserved 20 points for her imaginative "Ox-eye Daisy". Well done Sarah. The judging was carried out on-line by Paul Branchflower who did an excellent job, with the strange conditions making little difference to the presentation of the judging. As usual, all the winners can be seen here.

March 2020 Print Competition


Paul Dennis and Stephen Bevan shared the top spot in the March print competition. All the winning entries can be seen here.

February 2020 PDI Competition


Gerald Davies got the defence of the PDI competition off to a good start with a resounding 20 points. Tim Fernside gave us an instructive evening which was greatly enjoyed. All the winning entries can be seen here.

February 2020 Print Competition


Paul Dennis, who won the print competition last year, started the new year with another twenty pointer. The competition was marked by Garreth Martin, but in his absence it fell to Mike Clatworthy to comment on the images and a very good night it was. Thanks to Mike for stepping in. All the winning entries can be seen here.

Competition Winners for 2019
Following our final print competition round on Friday, we can announce Paul Dennis as our champion for 2019. The PDI competition was won by Gerald Davies. Congratulations to both on their achievement.

December 2019 - Final Print Competition


Ian Keevil won the last round of the print competition. The competition on the theme Minimalistic was judged by Brian Coleman. All the winning entries can be seen here.

November 2019 Print Competition


Paul Dennis put himself clearly at the top of the leaderboard with his win in this month's competition. The "Open" theme was judged by Leigh Woolford. All the winning entries can be seen here.

Annual General Meeting
Our Annual General Meeting will be held on the 15th November. Please note that all officers will be up for election at the AGM, and any member who wishhes to stand, please contact the Secretary.

If any member has any item for discussion, these should be in the hand of the Secretary, two weeks before the 1st November.

November 2019 PDI Competition


There were two winners in November's PDI competition, Gerald Davies for his "Fairground Abstract" and Gordon Relf for his Oystermouth at Night. The competition on the theme of "Night Life" was excellently judged by Paul Branchflower. All the winning entries can be seen here.

October 2019 Print Competition


Stephen Bevan's striking image was outright winner in our October print competition on the theme of "Contre Jour". Ian Ledgard judged our competition. All the winning entries can be seen here.


Website of the month for October, 2020.This months site features the work of the creative photographer Oscar Keserci His site can be found here.

Site of the month is provided by member Paul Dennis.

Members Information

Next Competitions

2021 Print (PDI) - Theme "Open". Hand in byMarch 26th. To be judged by Brian Coleman on April 16thth, 2021. Please note this is instead of the advertised print competition

2021 PDI - Theme "Shape and Colour", Hand in by May 7th. To be judged by Harry Gardiner on May 38th

Please send entries for both competitions to pdientries@
and no other e-mail address should be used.

See guidelines and aide-memoire below

 Complete List of theme for 2021 can be found here.


Other Challanges

Table Top Challenge - Closing date April 9th

Scavanger Hunt - Closing Date April 16th

Submission Guidelines

NOTE: for complete rules see here.

Print entries


Projected Digital Images.

Information on how to resize your images can be found here.